Friday, February 27, 2009

This University!

So today while I was eating my lunch, I sat outside the UL (Undergraduate Library) and "people watched." I always think it's fun to watch the masses of people walk through The Pit and the lower quad - there are so many interesting people to see! In the 15 minutes I was sitting there I saw all kinds of people - of all ethnicities, religions, backgrounds. I saw a blind girl, a handicapped man, old people, young people (even Middle schoolers - they seem to be invading our campus today). I even saw a girl with five different sets of stripes - her knee socks, her leggings, her skirt, her shirt, and her jacket all in different kinds of stripes... not to mention her polka-dotted shoes. Last night, Amanda and I went out to dinner on Franklin Street and saw all kinds of different people there as well! (We jokingly said that Franklin St. is probably the closest thing you can get to NYC in the South.) I can't help but remind myself that God created all these wonderful things and people! He created us in His own image! We were all wonderfully and fearfully made!

I've been praying for some time now for a revolution - that all people of God could unite together and bring about a change in our fallen world. I hope that you will join me in praying for a rejuvenated fire for Christ - if any generation was ever capable of it, it is this one! I see so many people on fire for God, and I pray that this fire spreads to the people at this university, in this town, in this state, and people all over the nation! I believe it can happen and I know God will use us in His own special way to see to it!

On a (sad) side note, please pray for my Aunt (dad's sister). She is not doing well and is in the hospital. Things are not looking good for her recovery, but I'd rather not give too much detail, it's a sticky, personal, and sad situation. So please pray for peace for her and my family in this difficult time. (When will this plague leave my family alone?)

On a (HAPPY) side note, please pray for my friend Patrice and her husband Matt during the birth of their second precious son! She is in labor right now as far as I can tell from her blog. Their first son, Gabe, was stillborn, but I know he is in Heaven watching over his sweet baby brother coming into the world today! You can follow her blog here.

God Bless!

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