Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hospital Day #4

Weston's enzyme levels went down again today (yay!), but they didn't go down very much (boo!). He is still above the level he needs to be and Dr. Poley doesn't want to try clear liquids until he is at normal levels so no clear liquids today - just IV fluids (yum yum...). Weston went most of the morning without pain medicine which is great! They are going to try and get him to walk this afternoon so pray that that doesn't cause him pain.

And since my birthday is supposed to be this Saturday (in two days on Feb. 7th)... I am hereby changing my birthday to February 12th (next Thursday) a relaxing day, hopefully Weston will be all better, we can eat dinner as a family, Carolina will have beat dook the night before, I will be caught up on all my school work, I will have gotten the awesome camera I want... so February 12th is now my 20th birthday. Just kidding.... kind of.

Thanks for the prayers, I will keep you updated!

Also, I came back to Chapel Hill yesterday because I had to teach my precious (ha) 7th graders. It was worthwhile though... even though my favorite student that I tutor was in the nurse's office all afternoon after being tackled in flag football during gym class. I have some funny quotes to share with you, spoken by our country's future leaders...

(I changed the names)

Me: What is the name of the collection of Confucius' teachings that his disciples recorded?
Johnny: OH OH I KNOW MS. CASE!!!
Me: Ok, Johnny what is it?
Me (inside my head): HAHAHAHAHAHA ... HAHAHAHA
Me (spoken): No, the Aztecs is a group in Central Mexico. Does someone want to help Johnny out?
Matthew: Johnny, it's called the Analects you idiot!

They are so nice to each other. Oh how I love 7th grade.


Ester: Would that be Confucius or Lao Tzu?
Luke: Or would it be Gandhi? (I have no idea why he would ask this because we were not even talking about Gandhi)
Peter: Wait, who's Gandhi again?
Sam: Some Indian dude.


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*Mary Beth* said...

Hey girl, just saw all your updates on your brother. I am definitely praying for you guys. And if yall need ANYTHING at all, if u want us to cook ur parents dinner one night or ANYTHING else...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't hesitate to call us. I love u girl! :)