Friday, February 6, 2009

Hopsital Day #5 - On the way to getting better!

Today was a good day! Weston started having clear fluids - he had some yummy beef broth and a sprite for lunch and even better chicken broth and a sprite for dinner! He also sucked on a lollipop this afternoon! And to work off all those calories, he walked to the scale down the hall to weigh! He was in good spirits today and was back to his typical "Weston-isms."

Tonight, he kept the nurse on her toes, that's for sure! She asked him if he was "always this funny" and he said, "I have my funny nights and my normal nights." HA!

He also had some special visitors today and we got some great pictures, but for some reason, blogger won't let me upload them so I guess you'll have to wait till tomorrow!

We appreciate all the prayers and pray that Weston continues to get better!

Tomorrow's agenda? Hopefully good lab results showing that today's clear liquids weren't too much for his pancreas to handle. If so, then we might be moving up to some better food & more exercise! I'll keep you updated!

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