Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hosptial Day #6

Hello friends!

Unfortunately, Weston's counts went back up today, so he is just sticking with clear liquids again. He's pretty disappointed, but maybe tomorrow he can have real food! He's really tired today, but he's doing okay. He says he wants to thank everyone who is praying for him!

Here are the pictures I promised of Weston's special visitors yesterday!

This is when his best friend, Jonathan came. Jonathan is winning his battle with leukemia, Praise God! He is a sweet young man and we enjoyed his visit!

This one is of Chris, one of Weston's baseball buddies for a long, long time! He is a great friend and we were glad to see him!

Then our cousins Brad & Amanda brought Walker to come hang out! He is so cute and brings such joy into the room!

Thanks for the prayers!!!

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