Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas,

(We're a bit behind...)

We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas...
(See our book shelf??)

And a...
 (that was for you Amanda!)



laura ann

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

This sign is at the church where our family reunions are held... the same church that my granddad and all 12 of his brothers and sisters grew up... Oh boy, we had a good laugh at this one.  Haha!
laura ann

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on Mom - Most Recent Scan Results

Hi everyone!

This morning, I sent a text after my mom's appointment with the oncologist.  Originally, we thought that her most recent scans were clear from the neck down (Praise God!), but one tumor in her brain had potentially increased in size.

She met with the neuroradiologist this afternoon as a follow-up from the Gamma Knife, and he was pleased with the scans and said that, "At worst, things were stable."  At least two of the four tumors are dying, the other two are stable.  He checked with her radiation doctor, and she agreed.  He will have another neuroradiologist check, but he feels sure that he is right.

She will be going to UNC to see about potential other treatments in the future.

The news this morning was heartbreaking, but what relief the appointment from this afternoon brought!  Thank God for the stability/shrinking AND for the clean scans elsewhere!

Thanks for the prayers!  Love y'all!
laura ann

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Well this morning I woke up with what I think is the beginning of another cold.  Then I got ready and couldn't find my keys.  They were in my pocketbook - What were they doing in there?  Then I missed the bus and didn't make it to class this morning. [Pauses to blow nose.] I mean considering all this and all that I have to do before next week, I'm in a really great mood.  Since I didn't make it to class, I can manage to fit in a blog post into my cuh-razy life.  Yay!

Oh, did I mention that I spent Thanksgiving night in the emergency room with a "food born bacteria infection."  Oh yeah, that was fun.  IV fluids + no sleep + well, you know... = not a good night.

It's really a shame that universities have to ruin this time of year by giving students more work than they can possibly do without giving up sleep and/or the Christmas spirit.  Note to self: Don't be that kind of teacher.

Want to hear something funny?  The English MAT folks were complaining about the unit plans they have to turn in - 10 whole lessons and 4-5 pages of description/explanation.  Hilarious... ha ha he he ho ha... oh my side hurts...  Maybe they shouldn't complain to the Social Studies MATers who have not complained and have twice as many lessons and pages of description/explanation.  We love you guys, but we feel no sympathy.

If you're reading this as if I'm complaining and Ms. Negative Nancy, you obviously haven't heard my sarcasm :)  I'm actually in a decent mood - it takes a lot for me to be in a bad mood usually.  I have developed into a gal who rolls with the punches - Is that the phrase? I have no idea if I said that right.

And oh gosh - have you seen Carolina basketball this year?  Ugh... not again.  All of the fans are cringing at our tough start... yet we still have a winning season.  Oh Carolina.  And ESPN... I know you have a "secret" love for Duke and Coach K, but if I have to watch another game with you blabbing on and on about how awesome they are... I will... um... I'll.... MUTE YOU.  Take that.

I'm doing a research paper on the Tweed Ring.  I know, the excitement in my life is just too much for you to handle.  I found out that Tweed's name was not William Marcy Tweed.  I felt so betrayed.  It was actually William Magear Tweed.  Yeah, I know you feel more complete now with that information.

Thanksgiving day marked 7 months out for the wedding.  I got home Sunday and looked at the To Do List and was like "What?  I have a wedding to plan?"  I'll be giving an update soon, along with some awesome vendors reviews.

Well, that's all I can muster up for now.  I've got to run catch the next bus!  Talk to you next time.
laura ann