Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update on Mom - Most Recent Scan Results

Hi everyone!

This morning, I sent a text after my mom's appointment with the oncologist.  Originally, we thought that her most recent scans were clear from the neck down (Praise God!), but one tumor in her brain had potentially increased in size.

She met with the neuroradiologist this afternoon as a follow-up from the Gamma Knife, and he was pleased with the scans and said that, "At worst, things were stable."  At least two of the four tumors are dying, the other two are stable.  He checked with her radiation doctor, and she agreed.  He will have another neuroradiologist check, but he feels sure that he is right.

She will be going to UNC to see about potential other treatments in the future.

The news this morning was heartbreaking, but what relief the appointment from this afternoon brought!  Thank God for the stability/shrinking AND for the clean scans elsewhere!

Thanks for the prayers!  Love y'all!
laura ann

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Casey Qualls said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are better! Praise God for that! Thanks for sharing, Laura! We'll keep praying!