Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Night Update on Weston

Still no GI doctor and boy is my mom about to go off on someone (So am I)! Apparently this GI doctor (if he exists) is the only children's GI doctor for the area. We have been told that he is coming tomorrow (but, we were also told that he was coming yesterday... and today... and this afternoon...)

However, we DID get to have a great, long talk with the pediatrician on call tonight. He was fantastic! He said Weston has improved on paper and we can tell a slight improvement from yesterday to today. Because of this improvement, he said we can afford to be more patient with this GI doctor. If Weston was not improving/getting worse, then he could be transferred to a different location where there was a GI doctor on staff. He also said that Weston might can try food in the next 24 hours IF (that was a huge IF) there is some more improvement - but the doctors would have to discuss it first. Weston is still having a lot of pain and is still on pain meds.

The doctor has ordered the same "check up" tests for tomorrow morning to let us know where his WBC and enzyme levels stand. Apparently, the #1 cause of pancreatitis is alcolol abuse (yeah, we KNOW it was Superbowl Sunday and all when he got sick... and we've picked on him a little about it (smile!)). The #1 cause for it in children is injury/trauma ie. car accident, hitting the handlebars on a bike, etc. Since Weston hasn't had trauma (or alcohol!), we're not sure what the cause is, but the doctor said just about anything can cause it and hopefully the GI doctor can help determine a cause. He also said they probably wouldn't do another scan of the pancreas unless things started getting worse.

We had A LOT of visitors today, which I know means a lot to him. He got a little worn out though late this afternoon/tonight from the steady stream of visitors so the nurses asked that everyone restrict their visits to 30 minutes or less.

Please keep praying for him and our family! We appreciate the words of encouragement and sweet prayers! We need all the uplifting we can get!

Also, if anyone knows anyone who had pancreatitis - esp. as a child - let us know what you know about it!

Love to you all,

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