Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Bless Your Heart"

Update to post: Grandma went home, it wasn't a stroke Thank God! Her blood sugar was just super low, but they got it back up and sent her home! God is good! However, Weston started throwing up today! Geez. Poor kid. They gave him Zofran for his nausea. As always, I'll keep you updated.


So my Dad once told me that he heard a comedian joke about how in the South, people say "Bless Your Heart" for just about anything. You pulled an all nighter studying for an exam? Bless your heart. You sneezed so hard that snot came out your nose? Bless your heart. Someone in your family died? Bless your heart. You said something really, really stupid and embarrassed yourself? Bless your heart.

Well how about if your brother is in the hospital in Greenville with Pancreatitis and while he feels better, his counts are too high. The pediatricians have done all they know to do so decide its best to transfer him to UNC Hospitals. You're waiting on a bed to open so that you can pay for the outrageous bill of transporting him from hospital A to hospital B. All the while... your Grandma (mom's mom) is rushed to the ER in Greenville and they think she may have had a stroke. What do you say to that?

Bless my heart. There... I'm saying it to myself.

That's right folks, my Grandma Sue was taken to the hospital this morning because they thought she had had another stroke. Last update I heard was that her sugar levels are down really low. This happened last year around this time and her sugar levels had dropped down to like 22 and she was unconscious. To put it in perspective, average levels are between 80 and 110. It was a rough road, but the doctors were able to get her levels back up. I pray that she will be okay! I'll keep you updated.

As for Weston, his counts went down a little bit today! But hey, I'll take it! Praise God! We are still waiting on a bed to open up at UNC.

Life is a mess right now! Bless my heart.

Carolina better beat dook tonight.

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