Monday, February 2, 2009

Pray for Weston!!

Hey fellow prayer folks!

My mom called early this morning to tell me that they had taken Weston to the ER because he had been throwing up all night and couldn't stop. They admitted him into the hospital for 3-4 days (at least?) on the account of it being an inflammed pancreas (probably from the antibiotics he has been on over the last 2 weeks from having whooping cough/walking pneumonia/bad, bad cold/virus). He is on morphine/IVs -- I don't know the whole medical spill -- they are waiting for the pediatrician to come talk to them now. That's all I know to tell you right now except he still hasn't stopped throwing up and pancreatis is rare in children.


I'm on my way back to Greenville as soon as I finish posting. Check back here for updates.

God is good and I trust him! Please pray for Weston.

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