Monday, February 2, 2009

Wish I had an update....

So, I wish I could tell you that the doctors have figured everything out and Weston's on his way to getting better...

But all I have to update you on is that he slept all day and I'm still scared to death. Apparently there are 3 other kids in the Children's Hospital that have pancreatitis right now (which we found out from Parker's mom's awesome connections). The GI doctor still hasn't come yet, but he has seen Weston's charts and heard the Pediatrician's plan and agrees. They are running more tests in the morning and will have them back by the time the GI doctor comes in to talk to us.

For now, Weston can't have any food, drink, ice, (anything but IV fluids and pain medicine), which is supposed to give his pancreas a rest which will hopefully cause the swelling to go down which will hopefully make his white blood count go down and his enzymes get back to normal (I do not know medical terminology).

Before we left (me, Dad, and Parker - Mom's staying there tonight), he was awake for a few minutes, but he went back to sleep soon after. He's mostly just complained about having pain in his stomach.

Thanks for the prayers - the calls, the texts, the comments. Please keep praying!!!

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