Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prayer Requests

Hello there.

I have 2 major prayer requests. One for my family and one for my friend.

As you read on Friday, my Aunt Debbie is in the hospital. Things are not looking good. It is a sad situation for our family. In April of last year, my mom found out she was in remission for her cancer and our family was overjoyed. Then, my Granddad passed away unexpectedly. It was devastating for our family. We are a very close family - just my Grandma, my parents & Weston, my aunt, my uncle, 2 wonderful cousins that are both married - one with a son, the other expecting triplets. We've known for some time that something was wrong with my aunt's health and though we tried to reach out to her, she never told us what was wrong. We don't know if she knew what was going on or if she was in denial. Wednesday night she was taken to the hospital and on Friday, the doctors confirmed she has stage IV cancer in both breasts, her hips, and her spine. Her blood is septic. We are very sad and don't understand it at all. Please pray for us. My mom is trying to get over pneumonia and my other Grandma, now home, is on bed rest. Many of you have asked about Weston - he is doing very good and almost back to a full diet.
** Important: Weston doesn't know that my aunt has cancer. He knows that she is sick and in the hospital with an infection. With my mom's history, they prefer he not know about the cancer. Please honor my parents wishes and be careful what you say if you see him. Thank you. **

Also on Friday, I asked for prayers for my friend Patrice as she was delivering her second son. Her first son, Gabe, was still born last year. Jonah Alexander arrived into the world Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with a genetic skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. The doctors think that this is why Gabe died. As you can imagine, Patrice and Matt are devastated and Satan is taking advantage of their weaknesses during this terrible time. Jonah is in pain and the doctors are watching him closely. I put up a prayer tag on the right side of my blog. You can follow Patrice's blog for updates. Please pray for their family!

I am so sad tonight. It truly breaks my heart and I feel like I've prayed all I can. I know that even when we can't find the words to pray, God knows our hearts. He is not surprised by any of this. He didn't wake up Friday morning and realized that all of this had happened. No, he knew this before it happened. He knows my family's grief and the Williams' grief. He cries with us and He is holding us in His hands. Everything will be okay because God is in control. We are discouraged and broken, but God created the world - He is bigger than all of this.

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