Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Friend's Love

So the Bible says that a friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17) and let me tell you what - my friends love me. They cry with me, they hold me, they lift me up. I had a rough night (again) last night. I'm emotionally, physically, and spiritually drained. That is an understatement. Yesterday I felt broken inside. BUT, my best friends are so good. Do you know they put their lives on pause last night just to help me?!? We sat in the living room and they listened to my heart, cried with me, and lifted me up. Then, they told me what to write helped me write a paper because I was in no shape to do it myself. I am SO blessed to have these girls in my life... I can't put into words how grateful I am for them and how wonderful they are. I'm having a MUCH better day today! Glory to God!

Here are the girls I couldn't live without...

Thank y'all for everything you do! I love you!

Also, I hope you blog folks are still praying for the Williams family! Jonah drink a lot of milk this morning by himself! Praise the Lord! He still had a feeding tube put in this morning, but hopefully that will just help until he gets the hang of the bottle. If you haven't you should check out Patrice's blog - he is so darn cute! You can also join his facebook prayer movement group! It amazes me how awesome the blogging community, especially the Christian blogging community, is when it comes to support, encouragement, and prayer!

You know how I feel about blogging - what better way to share the good news of Christ! You all should get a blog! Let me know when you do and I'll put you on my blog list! :)

God Bless! Thanks for the prayers!

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