Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Random list:

  • Calipari to Kentucky – nice… now Kentucky can have a coach that recruits thugs to represent the school
  • Calipari currently lives in a PINK house (seriously, google it)
  • I think my new favorite contestant on American Idol = Kris Allen! He comes across so much as a cute, pure-hearted, god-loving guy! He is a 23 years old and recently married his high school sweetheart. And to confirm my & Katherine’s suspicions… he is in fact Christian. He leads his churches’ praise & worship team and does ministry at his local state university. *We totally called it*
  • Pet peeve = people sending out emails to an entire class (lecture class mind you) asking to get notes because they "overslept"... Seriously? Just ask a friend in class.
  • Carolina is in the Final Four whoot whoot
  • Tomorrow is Bible Verse Wednesday! I’ll be honest, I haven’t gotten this week’s totally memorized. Sad, I know.
  • I have 1300+ views (wow!)
  • Jonah's home!!!! Praise God!

Reasons YOU should start a blog:

  • Share what God is doing in your life. This helps you a) recognize when God is working in your life and b) spread His glory for others to see.
  • Be brutally honest for all to see – this may make you feel uncomfortable, but I’m willing to bet that we’re not that different from each other after all… AND in tough times, the Christian blog network can be a huge source of encouragement and support
  • Share what God has put on your heart – it might just be on someone else’s too!
  • Update folks on the happenings (however boring they may be) in you’re life – Got a new job? Bought a new house? Made an A on your exam?
  • Make recommendations – Good movie? Good book? Good restaurant? Nice sale?
  • Connect with other Christians – find encouragement and support, start prayer groups, (intercessory prayer works can go both ways you know)
  • Share funny things that happened during your day – everyone needs a good laugh now & then
  • Write run-on sentences, make endless lists, and have horrid grammar… well, maybe that’s just me.

So, when you do start your blog, let me know and I’ll add you to the blogs I follow on my sidebar – then my readers can check out your blog too! SWEET!

God bless!

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