Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turkey, Rooster

Happenings in the classroom of a future teacher:
During my time at the middle school yesterday, we were doing map drills on the board as an assessment of the class's preparation for Tuesday's test. We point to the country, they say the name, we ask the capital, they say the capital city... mountain range, sea, ocean, straight, etc. Well I've told you funny things that my 7th graders have said before, and yesterday my favorite student made me laugh at something I shouldn't have. It went something like this:
Me - (point to Iraq)
Class - IRAQ!
Me - Capital?
Class - BAGHDAD!
Me - (point to Iran)
Class - IRAN!
Me - Capital?
Class - TEHRAN!
Me - (point to Turkey)
Class - TURKEY!
Me - Capital?
Peter - ROOSTER!

Haha! I thought it was funny.


Did anyone watch American Idol last night?? I must confess that I've never actually watched AI until this year and I'm only watching it because ANOOP is on. (He's from UNC in case you haven't heard.) Well, he did SO good last night. Take a look, but make sure to pause my music at the bottom:
I mean that is an Indian dude that sings R&B up there singing Willie Nelson! I'm proud to say that he's from UNC!! On the other hand, no one is proud to know this guy:

YIKES! He just made Ozzy Osbourne sound like NSYNC. How can you take a classic Johnny Cash song and turn it into that? That's just ridiculous. I don't have words to describe it. Well, maybe one word - SCARY!


Finally, I'd like to put out a prayer request for Georgina who is going to mission work in Sweden this summer! Check out her post to read the details. She is in need of support, so if you are interested in supporting a local girl doing God's work check out this. If you aren't able to help support her, you can help her by praying for her! She's asked for these specific prayer requests:

- That she would continue trusting the Lord to provide the necessary finances

- Her heart would continue to develop for the people of Uppsala, Sweden

- That she would best prepare herself - reading the right books, spending time in prayer, etc.

- That her family & friends would be supporting and understanding

You can also click on my sidebar icon (I'll get it up ASAP) to get the information you need to give her words of encouragement or help support her!


One last thing, I'm currently blogging from the library as my laptop is in the shop because it freaked out. Ok, well that's probably not the technical term, but it's either an Operating System problem or a hardware problem. ITS can fix the OS problem in a couple of days... a hardware problem may cost money and I'll have to go through Sony & figure it out. So PRAY that it's an OS problem and they can fix it quickly! Otherwise... I'll be spending a lot of time in the library.


Just kidding about the one last thing... I have one more thing to ask for prayer about! I take the GRE tomorrow (yikes!) for Grad school! Pray for me!

God bless!

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