Friday, March 20, 2009

What A Week!

Recap of this week:

Sunday - Get back to school, forgot memory foam pillow, TV breaks, fix TV

Monday - Phone dies, is dead as a door knob, get new phone

Tuesday - Laptop malfunctions, Windows won't load, stay calm, don't freak out

Wednesday - Take laptop to ITS on campus, check laptop in to ITS shop for a few days, throat swells, crazy discomfort in mouth

Thursday - Miss classes to go to Campus Health, thinking I have an infection from wisdom teeth removal, doctor says an abscess, calls Dr. Means, he is concerned & wants to see me Friday at noon, prescribes heavy antibiotic and orders irrigation, run downstairs at Campus Health to pharmacy to get antibiotic, go to Acute Health Center for irrigation *stress out about being late for GRE* semi-uncomfortable irrigation procedure, quick lunch, off to NC Central for GRE, do not know where to park, park in lot near building, arrive at GRE near tears, administrator asks if I'm ok, I tell her my situation, advises me to get doctor's note and send in to GRE headquarters appealing a free-reschedule, administrator tells me that next time I park anywhere come upstairs and get parking pass and she'll tell me where to park, I thank her and leave, return to my car to find $80 parking ticket, chase after police walking away, police rudely tells me how to appeal, drive around looking for Campus Police building, Appeals lady tells me I need a self-addressed stamped envelope, since I cannot pull it magically out of my purse I make my way to Student Union to find post office, fill out appeal, told it'll be 2-3 months before hearing back, leave... go pick up my laptop from ITS, told I need a new hard drive and should contact Sony, drive home

Friday - miss classes, go to Dr. Mean's office, there is in fact, no abscess, just unseen food pressing on nerves, ups the amp on irrigation procedure *heavy discomfort* must irrigate myself for several months, come home contact Sony, nice guy named Marcus tells me what to do and VOILA laptop works just fine, hang out with Parker & family

Home Sweet Home! AND Pillow Sweet Pillow! :-)

::Sigh of relief::

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