Friday, March 27, 2009

I probably shouldn't say anything, but...

dook 54
Nova 77

What a whoopin!

And Carolina will probably lose tomorrow night since I just said that...

Nonetheless, notable comments on Devils Illustrated Basketball forum right now:
"What's the deal with Memphis? Mizzou is beating them soundly..." welll ::clears throat::

"We have blown big leads before, maybe its our turn for an epic comeback... PLEASE?" wishful thinking dookie.

"Comeback? I'll be happy if we don't lose by double digits" Haha

"If we can keep within 10 then it's a moral victory" Hahaha... no words...

"Face it, we have been overrated all year" Now you realize it.

"I'm more surprised at how emotional they're getting" Thats right, blame it on emotions... again.

And my favorite, in a thread called "Did you consider applying to UNC when applying to Duke?":
"Finances played a part in my decision to choose NC State as the school I would eventually flunk out of" Well, I'm certainly glad you new in advance not to pay for a diff. university... hahahaha

Have a good night!

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