Sunday, November 29, 2009

A theme-less post...

Mom is doing alright, her white count is down, so she’s trying to stay away from germs as best as possible. Dad is leaving tomorrow to go on a business trip to California until Friday. Weston has a cold, which means he has germs. Germs that Mom needs to stay away from… like that’s possible. Please pray for them!

Guess what we did Friday?

We went to get our Christmas tree. Weston picked it out and it is gorgeous! See?

The Mountain Boy (literally, we got it from “The Mountain Boys” in Overton’s parking lot) picked it up and carried it off for us.

Speaking of Christmas, remember our Christmas pictures from a couple years ago?? Well, our church is making a new directory and since we didn’t schedule a session, we had to submit our own photo. See?

It's not the best, but it'll do... Next time the church makes a directory me and Parker will be married!

Anyways, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with my family and I hated driving back today. The sun was in my eyes like Dad said it would be… and I’m too short for the visor thingy to block the sun. It doesn’t really work out.

Speaking of driving back… I counted 8 dead deer on the side of the road. Yikes. Better dead than running, eh?

Oh yeah, I forgot to show you my cake I made for Thanksgiving. It kind of fell apart… it happens to the best of us I guess. I just iced right over the cracks! HAHA! I’m not quite Suzy Homemaker yet! It was still yummy! I also made homemade macaroni and cheese!

I brought back a some Christmas decorations so we can decorate our apartment this week! Yay! It’s Christmas time! :)
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