Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 12 - I am thankful for...

... these crazy girls:

... otherwise known as my awesome roomates!!

They make me laugh at least once a day. They cry with me... shoot, sometimes I cry with them. They cook smelly foods, hahahaha, oh wait, this is supposed to be what I'm thankful for??? Just kidding. Lauren always let me know where the sales are and Roman keeps me up on the Greenville news. Amanda brings us all together (literally - our circle of friends originates with Amanda). Roman & I met in 5th grade, Amanda & I in 6th, and Lauren & I met through facebook (through Amanda) as Seniors in high school applying for Teaching Fellows.

These girls will provide my medical care one day. Roman is going to med school. Amanda is going to med school/PA school. Lauren is going to pharmacy school (she decided it pays more than TF, haha, jk).

But for now, they are my saving grace when I get home from a long day. They make me laugh and they make me smile. They give me hugs and snuggle with me in bed. :) They introduced me to Grey's Anatomy. They are wonderful friends.... and for that, I am thankful!

What are you thankful for today?
laura ann

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