Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 9 - I am thankful for...

Fridays! Tonight, I get to hang out, cook dinner for my fiance, relax, and not worry about my papers/exams/thesis/reading... I get to just be. Thank God It's Friday!!! :)

Parker is coming to Chapel Hill for the weekend since I'll be driving to Greenville on Tuesday for Thanksgiving break (and my parents didn't think I should spend the time/gas driving home for two days, coming back for one and half days, and then back). I'm excited to spend some quality time with Parker, and if the weather is nice tomorrow, my sweet friend Amber is going to shoot some pictures of us! :)

Update on Mom: She is doing okay. The treatment obviously makes her tired and a bit sick. Her emotions are up and down like everyone else's. Please keep the prayers & encouragment coming!!!

Random: I saw a former student yesterday, which is always weird... but this one was one of my favorites from last year. He's the one who said the capital of Turkey was Rooster :)

Random #2: My friend who is a school counselor told the girls the other day that she had a student named "La-a." Which you would think would be pronouced "la uh" but the girl told her that "the dash is pronounced." Her name was "La dash uh." Seriously. I knew I was going to have trouble with some names in my class... but really???
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