Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

I cannot believe it is already November!! This semester is flying by!! I can't lie... I am ready to reclaim my life after I finish this semester. 18 Hours + Friend's wedding + Senior History Research/Thesis + Babysitting = kicking my butt. Five more weeks of class left before exams! I can do it.

Oh my goodness, I found my Burt's Bees lip balm today. Praise the Lord. Really, I screamed with joy when I found it in my coat pocket this morning. Ask Amber. It's true.

Quick story:
Last Friday in my Art History class, I got called a nerd. And picked on by the professor (it's a small, friendly class, don't worry). You see, we were talking about how artists commemorated the Emancipation Proclamation... We got on the subject of Lincoln and we were talking about how he is standing in almost all the paintings. A girl in the class said "He was unusually tall so the artist probably painted him standing so he wouldn't look abnormal compared to a chair... I think he had some disease" and I said, "Oh, he had Marfan syndrome." Everyone laughed at me and some guy called me a nerd. The professor said "Oh we have a Lincoln fan I see."

Um not really. You see, in my high school anatomy class I had to do a project on Marfan Syndrome and that's how I knew about it. But really people... doesn't everyone know that?

So there you go. Art History, History, & Anatomy nerd. Great...
laura ann

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