Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stitch by Stitch

Remember my Grandma's stocking I've been cross-stitching? This is what it looked like last November...
This is what it looked like in August... about 3 months ago...

And this is what it looks like right now...
I still have a lot to do before Christmas. I have another angel, a few snow flakes, a bird, the outlining and the border at the top. Yikes, that's more than I thought. But it looks good doesn't it?
Update on Mom:
Good news - the scans shows that the back 2 tumors are gone! Praise God! One in the front has gotten smaller and one has stayed about the same. For now, the plan is to let the treatment (& God!) continue to wear 'em down. Her oncologist took her off Tykerb (the preventative medicine) for a few weeks because her eyes have been really swollen and Dr. White thinks its a side effect of the Tykerb. Hopefully, the swelling will go away and she can start it back soon! We don't want this mess coming back - ever - again. To God be the glory!! Another step in the right direction!!
Thank you Veterans and families of Veterans! Thank you to those currently serving in the military and the families of those serving in the military. Your sacrifices humble me and I am forever grateful for the freedoms that my family and I enjoy because of you. God bless you!

laura ann

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