Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Invitations and Stockings

Remember when I made these invitations for my friend & sister-in-law-will-be-in-law, Candice's shower?

Well... I liked them so much that I made these for my friend & old roomate, Katherine's shower...

Cute huh? Katherine is so sweet! She's getting married to her high school sweetheart, Eric. They have been dating for over 6 years! (Yay for the "Six-Years") I'm so excited for them!

So, for the stocking I've been working on for my grandma... (How's that for a change of subject? I tried to come up with a transition, but I've got nothing.) I started it last November in hopes to give it to her at Christmas. Ha! What was I thinking? Cross-stitching takes forever. My grandma cross-stitched a stocking for each person in our whole family - except for herself. So, I thought I'd make her one. This is what it looked like after one WEEK of working on it:

Hahaha! That's garland, a snowflake, and part of an angel.

But this is what it looks like now in August (that's nine months later).

And, in my defense, I didn't work on it at all between the months of February and June. I've started back and think there is a decent chance I'll finish it by this Christmas.

Just in case you were wondering... I did wrap up what I had done at Christmas and I gave it to her with a picture of what it would eventually look like with a letter about how much I appreciated her hard work in all the stockings she had made.

So with that... I'm going to cross-stitch!

laura ann

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