Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feeling Crafty!

So now that I'm settled getting settled into my new apartment, and I'm trying to get things straight, I wanted to show you some of the things I've been working on! First, my throw pillows for my bed.


How cute is that front pillow? I got the paper fabric flowers from Michael's and used buttons and ribbon for the centers and stems.

I also built a shelf. Okay, maybe I didn't actually build it, but I did put it together. See?

My class books are going on the bottom shelf, so that's why it's empty now. Ignore the random boxes on the right. I got the book case from Target for $26.

And finally, I hung a bunch of stuff on the wall after being inspired by Edie's Wall of Frames. So, here it is!

I think that I should add something to the bottom right corner, it looks empty to me. What do you think?

Please disregard the random fan string hanging down in the middle of the picture... and don't notice the frame with no picture in it on the left. I know the picture that I want in it, I just haven't printed it yet. So just, imagine that it's there. Also, don't notice the revamp-clock without any numbers on it. I will be putting numbers on it, but I left my white paint at home in Greenville. So, just imagine white numbers on the clock. But DO notice my awesome pillows that I made. Suh-weet! :)

And that's all for now.

laura ann

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