Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess what today is...

Ok, you'll never figure it out, so I'll just tell you!

6 years ago today I started my first day of high school (but that's not what I wanted you to guess)... 6 years ago today was also when Parker & I had our first date! We went and got ice cream at Dairy Queen after my cheerleading practice. I was 14 years old! Yikes!

This picture is from the Winterville Watermelon Festival, which was our 2nd date - we went to the Tracy Byrd concert. Ok, ok... this picture isn't actually of our 2nd date, but it IS at the Winterville Watermelon Festival my senior year of high school (I think).

Anyhow... just thought that I'd share! I love you honey!

laura ann

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