Monday, August 3, 2009

100th Post!!

Yay for my 100th post!

Also, Yay for my mom's last day of treatment! She said "I would jump and down to cheer if I wasn't so dag on tired!" She is still exhausted and will be for several weeks. We will wait 5 weeks and do another scan. Depending on the results, they will use the Gama Knife. We shall see!

She had full body scans (minus the noggin') today to see if cancer was anywhere else. The doctors don't anticipate that it will be, but we just want to make sure. We will hear the results on Tuesday at her next doctor's appointment.

And one more Yay for the new Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Morgan! The wedding was beautiful and fun! I am so happy for them!! Pictures and details to come... you know, when I have an extra hour in my day :)

Till then...

God bless!!
laura ann

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holli jay said...

Praise the Lord!! I've been prayin so much for your ma, you, and all of your family. I love you so much Laura Case :) call me, text me, or whatever ANY time you need it love :)