Friday, August 28, 2009

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Duke has been rated the #2 "douchiest" colleges in American by GQ magazine. The following is the Daily Dose from Wednesday's DTH:

"GQ magazine has spoken. The article, "America's 25 Douchiest Colleges" published in the September edition of the publication officially declares Duke the number two 'douchiest' college in America.

'They're probably number one. But we'd rather not rank Duke number one at anything,' the article says. That's just embarrassing for the Dookies, who, unlike UNC, did not win a National Championship last year and camped for months outside Cameron Indoor Stadium only to watch their team get pummeled.

The article also defines Dookies to be the 'O.D.' or 'Original Douche.' Duke students should have seen this coming. Notice also, UNC was no where to be seen on the douche list. Laugh out loud."

Also on the list:
25. University of Virginia
24. University of Texas
23. Randolph Macon
22. Vassar
21. Trinity
20. Morehouse
19. Ohio State
18. Boston University
17. University of Chicago
16. USC
15. Notre Dame
14. Arizona State
13. University of Georgia
12. University of Phoenix
11. NYU
10. University of Colorado
9. Charter College, Wasilla
8. Rollins College
7. Amherst College
6. Bob Jones
5. Deep Springs
4. Harvard
3. Princeton
2. Duke
1. Brown University

Now, how about that?

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