Sunday, May 31, 2009

DIY Invitations

For Candice's wedding shower, I am making invitations. We decided to do the shower in her wedding colors (pink & green) and so I chose pink and green cardstock for the invitations. Are they seriously not the cutest invitations ever? Yes, I am totally bragging haha - I LOVE these invitations!

So, cause Candice said I should do a blog post on them... here it is: A Step-by step guide to DIY invitations!

First, pick out some cardstock and paper. I like to do pattern paper too because it adds a little sumthin' sumthin'. I also added a ribbon because it spices it up a bit. Here are my materials:

I typed up the info on the invitation and made her name and the date stand out in a different font and color.

Then, cut the cardstock to the size you want. I used a paper cutter because it's quicker.

Then, I cut the patterned paper to half the size of the back cardstock so not to overwhelm the invitation.

Then, I used double-sided tape to put it together...

Then, after taping the green paper down, its time to add the ribbon! Punch the holes (I just eyeballed it, but you can measure it out if you want).

Then, add the ribbon! The way I did it doesn't have to be the way you do it - you can tie a bow or knot or whatever tickles your fancy! I poked the ribbon through from front to back like so...

Then cross over the end pieces and poke them back through the opposite holes. Taa-daa...

A couple tips:
I like to do each step all at once, ie. cut all the pink pieces, cut all the pattern pieces, cut all the green pieces, cut all the white pieces, put the pattern pieces on the pink, put the green on that, punch all the holes, then do all the ribbons, and put the white pieces on. Here are the invitations before I put on the white pieces.

Also, fit your cardstock to your envelope, not vice versa. You don't want to put together these cute invitations and then have to search for an envelope that it will fit in!

And for an added touch, address the envelopes in colors that match the invitations.

There you have it! The cutest invitation, ever!

A special thanks to Ms. Lydia and Candice herself for helping me do these this weekend (I know, it must be breaking all kinds of Emily Post laws for a bride to help make her shower invitations... but she really wanted to!)

*Note: I blurred Ms. Stalling's address and my phone number for privacy purposes, just in case you know?

laura ann

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Candice said...

I LOVE the invitations :-) You worked so hard on them and they are adorable. I am so excited about the triplets being born, yay!