Sunday, May 17, 2009


The surprise that I was so excited about was a 50th birthday party for my dad! We had a cookout (Parker cooked hamburgers & hotdogs) at the park and invited family, long-time friends, baseball buddies, and some of dad's long-time coworkers. He had a hunch of what was going on [he saw an email I had sent to his boss during a meeting - I didn't know until last night] but he didn't know when, where, what... It rained/thundered while we set up, but it cleared up by the time the party got started.

The kids and dads played wiffleball (see my dad playing 1st base)
We ate and had cake (its ugly because they did it in 15 minutes... It was SAMS CLUB! and I was supposed to pick it up at 3:30 and at 3:35 they started icing it...)

But at least it tasted good... as you can tell by Walker's face. HAHA He turned 2 yesterday (I can hardly believe it!) so he got to eat cake at his birthday party and my dad's! I bet he didn't sleep a wink last night!
The surprise party was a success and tons of fun! He had a good time and that's what I was hoping for! His birthday is actually tomorrow, and yes... he will be 50. Can you believe it? He does not look like a 50 year old to me!

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