Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Candice & Corolla Weekend

This past weekend we had the BEST time in Corolla for Candice's bridesmaids weekend! We stayed at Aunt Kitty's beach house (below, isn't it massive? It's actually a duplex that you can (and we did) open up as one house...only 10 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms...)

I was a bit worried because it rained all week, but the weather was beautiful all weekend! We got to soak up the sun (Candice did a little too much), eat some really good food, relax with our awesome "spa bags" (Thanks to Charlotte), and laugh a whole lot! Man, I don't think there was a conversation that we didn't laugh so hard we thought we were going to pee on ourselves (Charlotte almost did! hahahahaha) Here we are with our towel heads - me, Mrs. Eller (Candice's mom), Candice, Mrs. Lydia, Aunt Kitty, Amanda (I like her haha), and Charlotte Webb (yes, Charlotte Webb)

This was our lunch on Saturday! It was pretty & delicious!

Here we are at Sunset Grille - the restaurant we went to Saturday night. Oh my goodness, it was so good. We had a blast! I wish the other bridesmaids (Ashley, Grace, & Martha Lynn) could have come too!

Saturday was also Charlotte's birthday! She's the one in the birthday cake hat (4th from the left). [Funny story - Charlotte is the Morgans' neighbor at the river and five years ago when we first met, Parker introduced me to her as his "other girlfriend." So... from then on, I recognized her as Parker's other girlfriend. What a lucky man he is to have both of us! haha] we are at Sunset Grille in our sweet hats!

I could tell you so much more... but what happens at the beach, stays at the beach. :) And, can I just say that I'm ready for my bridesmaid weekend because this was so much fun!

OH YEAH! Welcome Candice to the blogging world! EEEE!! I'm so excited that one of my best friends and future-sister-in-law has a blog now!! Check her recap of the weekend out here.

*Candice is Jacob's fiance (Jacob is one of Parker's brothers)... His other brother, Preston, is married to Martha Lynn, and Cody (8 yrs old) & Abi (4 years old) are ML's kids. Ms. Lydia (Lele) and Mr. Jack (Daddy Rabbit.. hahaha) are Parker's parents.

*Since I'm spelling out the family tree... Mark is my dad and Peggy is my mom and Weston is my 10 year old brother.

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