Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not Me... Monday A while back ago

Ok, so you know "Not me!" Monday from Mckmama... well I am definitely not posting on a Tuesday about something I did not do weeks ago. I did not do this and I certainly did not take a picture of it, intending to use it for a "Not me!" Monday post. And since I did none of this... I definitely am not just now posting about it.

On to what I did not do....

I did not decide to make tea in my awesome Mr. Coffee Teamaker (you should so get one!) the last week in my apartment. I did not measure the water and pour it into the white steamer and measure out the sugar to find that we did not have any tea bags (because someone... I'm not naming any names... KATHERINE!) packed them up and took them home already. So... to get the water out of the white steamer, I did not make hot water in our tea pitcher. And I did not take a picture of it after Amanda and I laughed our heads off.

laura ann

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