Thursday, May 14, 2009

Personal Prayer Request

Hey friends!

I have a prayer request that I've debated back and forth on whether or not to discuss openly since it's kind of personal, but I've decided to do it because it's weighing on my heart. AND this blog is about being transparent to show how God is working in my life (and others' lives), even when things get personal.

You remember that week I had a couple of months ago? The one where I couldn't pull myself together and didn't want to get out of bed? The one where I had a glimpse of real depression? When I wrote this post and this post? Well, I think that Weston (my 10 year old brother) is having a similar time this week. He is emotionally and physically drained. He is sad about my Grandma's death, which also reminded him of my Granddaddy Mark's death (last April). He's sad about my Aunt Debbie's sickness. He is exhausted. He has EOGs (End of Grade Testing) next week. He's stressed, tired, and sad. Please pray for God to replenish his soul and give him much-needed rest. I love him so much and it is so hard to comfort him in the way he needs when I just don't know how. He is having some snuggle time with Mom right now to help him get to sleep (Gosh, he would die if he knew I said that.... ), so if you will, pray for him to find peace. Most people don't have to deal with all this in a life time, let alone in one year - at age 10.

And, can I just say that God has put the most wonderful people in my life? I seriously have the best friends. Whether coming to the visitation, sending sweet, sweet cards, bringing flowers, calling to check on me... they are seriously loving on me and I am so grateful! I love you guys!

Parker has also been by my side non-stop this week and I am so glad. He is so wonderful and I am so undeserving of his pure and devoted love.

Our family has been so surounded by love and support and we are so thankful. My dad's side of the family has been so thoughtful and we've had several family friends love on us (the Boyds, the Andersons (hey April!), mom's coworkers, the Morgans... oh gosh I know I'm leaving out like half the people but we are so thankful!

God is good! I know that He is in control, even when we feel like the world's on our shoulders... Sometimes we just have to be reminded!
laura ann

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