Monday, May 25, 2009

A Weekend Story

Once upon a weekend, a family of 10 (2 parents, 3 sons & their girls, and 2 grandkids), went to the beach. The weather was beautiful and they had a wonderful time! They soaked up the sun, they played in the water...
they surfed and boogey-boarded...
They played in the sand...
They had the most fantastic weekend hanging out together! Then, it was time to get ready for one of the sons, Parker's graduation. See, he had already finished college the previous December, but his college had graduation ceremonies in May. So the girls painted their toe nails (well, Laura painted Abi's) and dressed in pretty outfits and the boys dressed in shirts, slacks, and ties. Parker's girlfriend, Laura dressed in a pretty, new white skirt and pink shirt. She was so excited about her outfit! Parker and Laura woke up very early Sunday morning to drive from the beach to Wilson for Barton College's special worship service that morning. Then, the family met them for the graduation! Everyone was so excited!

Parker's family, Laura's family, aunts and uncles from all over came to see him walk across stage. AND since he was the Senior Class President, he had a special speech to give. But, something terrible happened. It rained. And then it POURED. And then it POURED cats and dogs (well, not really, but it might as well have).... And Laura's white skirt was soaking wet. (Sorry, no picture haha). After the pouring rain stopped, they were a few people still at the graduation. It continued to drizzle.
Then Parker walked across stage and got his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (with a Minor in Biology)!!! Finally, the time came for his special speech! He did so wonderful! It had rained so hard that his cap was bent.
His name was even in the program, though it was dripping wet.
...and the pages were stuck together...
But all was well and the handsome boy graduated. He took a picture with Laura and Jacob.
And to top off the story, on the way to a yummy restaurant called Parker's BBQ (no relation to the hero of the story), the handsome boy and his love got in a wreck. They did not get hurt, but the truck sure did... (Side note: this was in the parking lot after the wreck... the other vehicle was not damaged so the police were not called... thank goodness for that!)
And that is the happy ending to this wonderful short story about a handsome boy and his graduation weekend!

*It actually was a happy weekend though it was full of a few unhappy events :) haha
laura ann

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