Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Summertime

I just moved out of my apartment yesterday and spring-cleaned my room at home today (so all my apartment stuff would fit in it)... 5 bags of trash AND 4 bags & 2 boxes for Good Will later... I can walk in my room! Whew! I pretty much got rid of everything except the stuff I brought from my apartment.

Can I just say that I am SIKED about summer!?! Fun in the sun, relaxation, family, friends, no school… ahh the LIFE! Did I mention seeing Parker every day? Sweet!

Summer plans already in the works:

First off, tomorrow, I leave for a beach weekend with Candice and her bridesmaids! I am so ready – what a way to kick off the summer!

Then, Parker graduates on May 24th – yes, he technically graduated in December, but Barton College only has one Graduation and my boy gets to do a speech (woot woot). Oh and guess what! He got the Religious Life Award this year too! Congratulations babe!

Then, Part 1 of 3 Teaching Fellows escapades – early June is Special Olympics in Raleigh in which yours truly, along with a ton of other Fellows will be running the grounds.

Fast forward to end of June and I will be throwing a wedding shower with some family friends for Candice – let the planning begin!

Early July comes the much needed, wonderful family vacation. Probably the last family vacation before real world life sets in for me, since next summer I’ll be in grad school (yikes!) and then starting a job! (whoa!) Nonetheless, beach time w/ the parents and bro – and I couldn’t be more excited!

Then comes Parts 2 and 3 of the Teaching Fellows escapades for the last 2 weekends of July (I have to do Junior and Senior summer enrichment programs this year since I’m graduating in three years)

And then comes a big one – Candice and Jacob get married! (Praise the Lord!) Parker and I have a great wedding present in the works… haha

Then, finally comes the move to my new apartment – YAY!

I’m not sure which thing I’m the most excited about, though my family vacation and Candice/Jacob’s wedding are probably tied for first!

Oh Sweet Summertime, praise the Lord, you’re here!
laura ann

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