Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday is back!

Welcome to Not Me Monday, a blog carnival started by the wonderful Mckmama! The idea is simple - you tell all the (embarassing) things you did not do during the week. You can click here to see other bloggers' Not Me Monday posts. Well, without further ado...

I did not justify going back to bed at 12 noon on Wednesday because I had already done so much on my to do list that morning. I had got up, got ready, taken a Sociology exam, bought envelopes, stopped by the registrar's office, and emailed a host of people... sleep would not be a much needed reward.

I did not precede to sleep for three and half hours after that nap. I mean really? That is way too long of a nap.

I have not read through blogs as a way to procrastinate studying... that would be irresponsible.

I also did not run the moving cart right into a cement pole in the parking lot... in front of my best friend and her parents. I can totally control where that cart goes!

And finally, I did not trip over a sprinkler (that was thankfully not on... for real!) and almost bust my behind, when leaving Chili's at dinner tonight... also in front of Amanda and her parents.

And since Amanda does not have a blog (though she should!), she did not do a "Not Me Monday" on her board the other day and if she had, it would certainly not look like this:
It says: Amanda is... not napping, that would be unproductive. If you happen to open the door and see her in her bed, eye closed, light off, she's meditating... meditating about anatomy. Not napping.

Have a wonderful night!
laura ann

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