Thursday, April 30, 2009

Granddaddy Mark

Dear Granddaddy,

I can’t believe its been a year since you passed away. I just can’t believe it. I still expect to see you when I walk in the door at Grandma’s house, and I hate seeing your boat or your chair because it makes me miss you so much more. I hate that you won’t be able to walk down the aisle with Grandma at my wedding – but I am so thankful that you got to know and love Parker. I hate that Weston lost one of his best friends and fishing buddies at such a young age. (You would be so proud of him - he’s playing second base this year. He’s not quite the batter that you were, but then again, who is?) I miss your voice when we sing “Happy birthday, God bless you” at birthday dinners with the family and I miss hearing you break out with “Rock of Ages” at random times.

We have had such a tough year and in some ways, I’m glad you haven’t been here for it. But, we have also had so many wonderful things happen and I suspect that you might have played a role in talking to Jesus on our behalves. Mom is in remission and Rebecca is pregnant – with triplets! Oh gosh, I know that you would be so excited. Weston has grown so much taller in the last year and Walker is walking around like a champ now. Grandma is still the cutest, wisest, strongest woman that I know and she misses you, her one and only sweetheart, like crazy.

Thank you so much for loving me and making me feel special. You were exactly what the perfect granddad is supposed to be – you and Grandma are the most wonderful grandparents anyone could ask for. Thank you for showing me how to fish and how to work in the garden. Thank you for showing me how to love so tenderly and purely like you loved Grandma. Thank you for showing me how to be strong in God – your determination and will power still amazes me. You never let anything, and I mean anything, get in your way of doing something that you wanted to do – not even Parkinson’s.

We miss you so much and we still grieve for you. I thought for sure that you’d be truckin’ on for many more years – years where you could see me marry the love of my life and hold my babies like you held me in the picture Mom took on my first birthday. But, I know our Father had better plans when He called you home last April, and I know that your loving on us and looking out for us from Heaven - in between all the time you spend fishing and singing, I mean.

I love you and miss you so much!

laura ann

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