Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Semester Wrap-Up

Just wanted to ask for prayer for me as the semester wraps up! As usual, the last few weeks are crazy busy. Just to give you an idea this is what the rest of the semester looks like:

Wednesday (Today) – Japan’s Modern Revolution paper on Emergence of Modern Political Parties in the 1880s (5 pgs)
Thursday – Religion/Culture in America Exam
Friday – Rome Paper #5 on Augustus (2 pgs)
Monday – Fiction Comparative Analysis paper (6-8 pgs)
Tuesday – Teaching Fellows portfolio due
Thursday – Religion/Culture in America paper on Contemporary Christian Music’s artists crossing over into secular radio (10-12 pgs)
Friday – Rome Paper #6 due (2 pgs)
Finals begin and run until May 6th
So if you think about it, please pray for my sanity & ability to stay stress-free!

...and Carolina thinks A’s are easy to come by…. HA! Did you read that article? Geez – I’d just like to talk about that real quick:
Could it be because Carolina is getting record numbers of applications and therefore accepting more and more higher achieving scholars? Could it be because Carolina continues to recruit top faculty? I for one am not on the receiving end of all A’s (THAT would be nice for all the hard work I put in for all these classes! And, as far as I know, my brilliant friends aren’t either – in my circle of friends we have 3 high school valedictorians and the rest of us were in the top 10 PEOPLE, not percent – and we aren’t receiving all A’s here at Carolina) And finally, I’ve actually been on the losing end of the bell curve – meaning, more than once, when I made a straight out B+ (etc.) on an exam, due to the “curve,” I ended up with a C+…. So yeah… no A’s there...Just sayin… :) I don't know where they are getting their information!


Also, I put up the new verse for this week – this is the 4th one, do you remember them all?

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