Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothin' finer

Last night was the most memorable I’ve had since coming to Carolina! It was so much fun! Since words cannot express the “aweseomeness” of it all… I have a couple of pictures for you!

Katherine and I went to the UNC basketball museum before the game... Look at all these ACC Championships...
However, I noticed a couple of things need to be updated ;-) hehe
But, it never hurts to talk a little smack...
...especially when you can back it up!

You can click on the letter to enlarge the picture, but it says:

Dear Michael [Jordan],
I am sorry to hear that you no longer have an interest in learning more about Duke University, however I do want you to know that my staff and I wish you the very best in your college career. You are a fine young man and you should make an immediate impact on whatever you choose.
Take care, and best of luck.
Mike Krzyzweski

[Go ahead... you know you want to laugh! Haha!]

On to my childhood favorite basketball player's jersey - Eric Montross, 00!
The group of girls at the Dome - giving a "We Miss You" shoutout to Erin (in Botswana) and Roman (at home sick). Love you girls!
Looks like we'll be adding another one soon... YEAH!
And one more thing to express the greatness of the evening - the following is a video taken towards the end of the 1st half. Mind you, it was this loud throughout the whole game. Fans cheered non-stop. It was the loudest I've ever heard it in the Dome. Without seeing the game, you would've never thought we were winning by 20 at the time. It was a blast and I'll never forget it! (Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom, and you might want to turn your volume down a bit before pressing play.)

And in case you were wondering - I was on Franklin after the 2009 Championship Game. And I did get up and go to my 9:30 am class... only because I knew that there "could be nothin' finer than to be at Carolina in the morning..." after winning the national championship!

Cue - "Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices, ringing clear and true. Singing Carolina's praises, shouting NCU (NCU!). Hail to the brightest star of all, clear its radiance shines. Carolina priceless gem, receive all praises thine... I'M A TAR HEEL BORN, I'M A TAR HEEL BRED, AND WHEN I DIE I'M A TAR HEEL DEAD. SO IT'S RAH RAH CAROLINA-LINA, RAH RAH CAROLINA-LINA, RAH RAH CAROLINA-LINA, GO TO HELL DUKE RAH RAH RAH!"

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