Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Stuff

Hey everyone!

I have a prayer request - my family. My Grandma Sue (Mom's mom who has Alzheimer's) was taken to the hospital last night. She's been very hostile towards anyone who tries to help her and she hasn't been eating. She had a really bad week and things aren't getting better, so she may or may not be moving to a nursing home. Please pray that the right decision is made for her and our family.

My Aunt Debbie (Dad's sister) is still in the hospital. She has really her moments/days, so please pray for her and that situation.

Finally, Thursday (April 30th) is the one year anniversary of my Granddaddy Mark's (Dad's dad) death. We still are saddened by and coping with his death, even a year later.

So, needless to say... We have a lot going on and I just ask that you pray for us so that we may have peace through all of this and that we can cling tight to each other and God. While I may not post much about the struggles my family is facing, please know that it is still very tough on us and we are still very much affected by them.

Mom, Dad, Weston, & I had a wonderful weekend together. Weston had a baseball game Friday and Saturday nights and we love being at the ball fields. We also went to Relay for Life Friday night, which is particularly special since my mom and Grandma Margie are breast cancer survivors.

I have some great pictures from the ball games and Relay (I got to catch up with my dear friend Anna!), but they are on my mom's camera... in Greenville. So you will just have to wait! :)

God bless!

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