Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Monday!

I had a lovely Monday and I hope you did too...

First, I woke up on time, got ready on time, and got to class early.

I signed up for Senior Orientation for Teaching Fellows... and I got my first choice - Pitt County (where I grew up and want to teach)

Then, I turned in a 5 page paper and found out my friend Amber couldn't use her Phase 1 basketball game ticket for the season opener... and offered it to me. Sweet!

I also looked in my planner to find that I have no other papers due this week. And no books to read this week. (First time all semester!) Sweet!

I got to see my Dad at the game (he came with some friends) and we won our season opener... and I came home to find that I had won Phase 1 tickets to the the next game. Boy is it my lucky day!

Then Stellan (Mckmama's youngest) had a successful surgery and is SVT free! Praise God!

Man, this Monday was even better than last Monday when I found my Burt's Bees!


Please pray for my mom - she has a doctors appointment with the oncologist tomorrow and scans after that. We'll get the results on Wednesday! We're trusting God!


Sorry for the scattered post lately, this semester has been kicking my butt! Only four weeks left!!!

laura ann

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