Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Reception!

Welcome friends to Wedding Wednesday!  I'm so excited to have you stop by, because this Wednesday, I need your help!  Parker & I got a great deal on our reception venue, the Pitt County Shrine Club, since his dad is a shriner and the former PCSC President.  It's in a great location, it is the perfect size, and did I mention it was very affordable?  One small hitch in the giddy up is the look:

It's a bit... um, what shall we say... white?  White walls.  White floor.  White ceiling.  White chair covers.  White table cloths. Creepy curtains.  I mean it's not terrible and it is definitely a great starting point, which brings me to my plea for ideas.  What can we do to bring it out of the eighties?  Any great decorating ideas?  Any ideas at all?  A starting point perhaps??

Things to keep in mind:
- It's a pretty large space.  This picture shows only half of the banquet room; however, behind the camera is almost a mirror image plus a stage.
- We need space for the dance floor.  In the center? By the stage? Hmm...
- We need some color obviously.
- We want affordable decorations.

There won't be a poll question this week, but please leave your ideas in the comment section!  I can't wait to hear what y'all come up with!

Here is a gorgeous reception setup that I love, but am willing to bet that Parker would disapprove of the "Carolina" theme.   :)  Plus, I can't find tablecloths like that anywhere.

[Sigh.]  It's gorgeous isn't it?

Before I forget, last week's poll results - first place "Mr. & Dr. John Smith," second place "Dr. Ann & Mr. John Smith," and third place "Dr. Ann Smith & Mr. John Smith."  Thanks for the input!

This will probably be the only post this week because I have 4 papers and 2 exams in 4 days.  Yikes!  My mom gets results from her brain scan on Thursday (please pray!) & Parker's meeting the realtor on Thursday for home inspections and such.  I'll keep you sweet blog readers updated!

Without further ado... Ready, set, comment!  :)
laura ann


The Redhead Riter said...

I totally love it! It looks so clean and fresh

nancy said...

We had a party awhile back and we used black/white polka dot tablecloths with white and red! Or you could use solid black long tablecloths with a white overlay or vice versa. Do you have an accent color you are using? I am sure some of the rental places have patterned tablecloths. to me it would look better than just all white everything!
You know I get into this wedding stuff, so I have to put my 2 cents worth in! ha!

Laura said...

Ms. Nancy - I agree with the patterned tablecloths completely! I love your ideas & always appreciate you're "2 cents" :)