Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

One of the many decisions Parker & I have put off is the color of the guys’ suits/tuxedos. I think that khaki suits would be awesome for a June wedding, especially with the light blue bridesmaid dresses. On the other hand, black tuxedos would be a nice crisp, clean look. I think gray tuxedos would be a good option too (the guys in my parents’ wedding wore gray – my dad wanted Carolina blue, but Mom said no, so gray it was, haha!).

Here is my Pro/Con chart:
Our church walls are beige, see?  So is the carpet as a matter of fact.
That pictures is from our friends Cierra & Jacob's wedding (Cierra, if you're reading this, I hope its okay that I borrowed it!!)
As soon as I start leaning towards one color, I change my mind. What do you think?  That's the poll question for the week!

The results from last week's question are SO funny to me.  Apparently girls don't wear bridesmaid dresses again - except for one lucky lady!  1 "Yes", 6 "Nos", and 1 "Never been a BM."

Until next time,
laura ann


nancy said...

Laura, I love all this wedding stuff, so here goes my 2 cents worth! Why not go with a black suit (they can always use this again) and a Carolina blue/white/striped tie!
Or.....a navy blue suit with a striped Carolina and navy tie! I do not like tuxuedos, you can buy a suit for what it cost to rent one of those things! Can't wait to hear the decision!
The guys wore kakhi suits @ my daughters wedding,(that they bought) and believe me they have all worn them again! To me for a church wedding, I think dark suits look better plus I am not to keen on kakhi suits with Carolina blue dresses! You ask for it so that's just my idea, but I am sure whatever you both decide on, will be just perfect!

Steven & Kimberly said...

I think the khaki (although I really like khaki suits) would blend in too much with the background and you want your husband and you, and your bridal party to "pop." That's just my 2 cents, hahaha. People can always wear black suits again for weddings, dances, and funerals, etc... A black suit never goes out of style ;-)

Georgina said...

Ok, Khaki is definitely my favorite, but with the church walls and carpet, I would say a no go on the khaki. I'm with nancy on the suits versus tuxedos. Our guys are wearing khaki (almost a linen color) pants and royal blue shirts, but we are getting married outdoors in July, so it makes sense for us. I think gray would be cool and if you go with suits over tuxes they could always be worn again. Such a big plus for the people that are spending money to be a part of your day!!! I just ordered my invitations and they should be in on Monday!!! So excited!! Happy Planning!