Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Thursday

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday Thursday!  Not much happening on the wedding planning front this week (you'll soon know why!), but our $8.63 photo-guestbook came in from Shutterfly!  It looks great!  Some of the pictures look a bit pixilated, but I think its more of the photo and not the production.  Overall, I'm very happy with the results!! 

My mom and I also started compiling a guests list!  I know I can find the answers somewhere, but does anyone know how to address a couple when the wife has a PhD?  Mr. & Dr. Smith?  Dr. & Mr. Smith?  What about if she's a reverend?  Mr. & Rev. Jones?  Also, do you address the children by name on the inner envelope or say "Mr. & Mrs. Moore & family?"  And when do you use "Ms." as opposed to "Miss?"

And finally - last week's poll results:
No one wanted the Wish Tree?  OR the traditional guestbook?  Come on y'all, why not??  My mom said she kind of likes the Wish Tree... I told her she should've voted for it!  Anyhoo... drum roll please!
First place goes to the Photobook with 5 votes! 
Second place is a tie between the Guest Platter and Framed Photo Mat, each with 2 votes. 
Third place is also a tie between the River Rock Collection and Guest Quilt, each with 1 vote!

This week's question - Have you ever worn a bridesmaid dress again?

You know how the conversation goes:
"Do you like this one?"  "Yeah, its gorgeous."  "I'm glad you like it.  I thought you'd be able to wear it again, so that's why I chose it."  "Did you see the bridesmaid dress so-and-so chose?"  "Yeah, its cute, they could definitely wear that again!"
Well, I have never wore a bridesmaid dress again (I have FIVE to choose from), have you?
laura ann


Georgina said...

Love the Guestbook! I'm probably going to order me one from there as well!

Steven & Kimberly said...

I looked at this website while we were addressing invitations... It says to address the person w/ an occupational job first, regardless of sex. However, I just wrote mine out the "normal" (if there is a normal, ha) way... for example, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. And, for families you just write, for example, Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Family. Anyways, I'll stop writing now before I write a whole book :-)

Here's the website.