Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Someone's got to say it.  Who decided we should have proper ways to address envelopes?  I mean is it really necessary?  Couldn't we just politely address them however we want?  After looking up some etiquette rules, I found that most sites* say you should adddress a female doctor and her husband with the woman first, like this:
Dr. Ann Smith and Mr. John Smith
123 Sesame St.
Bigtown, NC 23456

A couple sites say female first, but not completely separate, like this:
Dr. Ann and Mr. John Smith
123 Sesame St.
Bigtown, NC 23456

The obvious point is that occupational title trumps gender in etiquette.  Maybe I'm a bit traditional in that I think the husband should be first, despite occupational title, like this:
Mr. and Dr. John Smith
123 Sesame St.
Bigtown, NC 23456

What do you think?  That's the question for the week.

Other interesting finds:
  • Guests over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they live with their parents.  (Um... I don't think so - one invitation per home is good, in my opinion.  I'd include their names on the inner envelope of course.)
  • A divorced woman who kept her married name should be addressed as a Mrs. (Does anyone else think that's weird?)
  • You should not abbreviate state names. (Seriously?)
  • In fact, you should not abbreviate anything except: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Jr, Sr, D.C. (as in District of Columbia), St. (as in Saint), and Mt. (as in Mount).  (I think someone just pulled the last 3 out of a hat and said "I think these should be abbreviated.")
I don't anticipate having a lot of trouble addressing these bad boys, nor do I think it'll take that much time.  What I'd really like to do is just pop those suckers in the printer and have nice, neat, uniform, spell-checked addressed envelopes, but I'm pretty sure that would break all kinds of etiquette laws.  Sigh.

*Sources: Southworth, The Knot, Frugal Bride (Thanks Kimberly!)

I am pleasantly suprised with the votes this week!  It is quite obvious that most of y'all prefer black suits.  As of 11 pm last night, the totals were: 1st place Black (13 votes), 2nd place Khaki (5 votes), and 3rd place Gray (4 votes).  Rock on!  Of course, I'll let you know when we decide!
laura ann


Georgina said...

I just got my invitations yesterday and I'm IN love with them! They are simple and beautiful! I will be abbreviating NC, b/c writing North Carolina on every invitation but two will get real old real fast!

Steven & Kimberly said...

Not abbreviate state names?! Crazy! I think we broke that "rule." Haha. Some state names are just so long!