Thursday, March 18, 2010

Move over Emily Post

While I was searching for the correct way to address invitations, I came across many suggestions for proper etiquette.  It got me thinking, "Boy is our society rude," and I live in the south!

So, here is my list of etiquette guidelines that I think everyone should know and follow:
  • Always hold the door for someone who is less than 3 steps away.
  • The person closest to the door on an elevator exits first.  If you are not getting off and someone behind you is, step to the side so they can exit easily.
  • On the bus, if an elderly person, pregant woman, or small child is standing, kindly offer him/her your seat, especially if you are a man.  If a seat becomes open, a man should let a woman get first dibs.
  • Be aware of personal space on the bus, or in any tight public area.  Yes, that includes your 100 lb. bookbag.
  • When two people walking towards each other are carrying umbrellas, the taller person should raise his/her umbrella to avoid bumping into the other walker's umbrella.
  • It is not proper for a person to answer a phone call in the middle of a conversation or meal.  If the call is very important, politely excuse yourself, answer quickly, and return as soon as possible to the conversation or meal.
  • Cover your mouth for goodness sake.
  • Men need not to open the door, pull out a chair, or pay for every meal... but it sure is nice when they do.
That's all for now.
laura ann

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