Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Million Bucks

Side note (Can you start a post with a side note? Well, I am) -  Do you know why we call a dollar a "buck?" Apparently, buck is short for "buckskin" which was an exchange medium on the American frontier back in the day.

Anyways, on the drive from Greenville to Chapel Hill, I pass a NC Education Lottery billboard.  Right now the big prize is at $20 million, but I've seen it as high as $176 million.  I mean, what do you do with that much money??!!??  So I entertain myself on the otherwise boring drive by thinking of how I would spend that much money...

I would use around $150,000 to buy/fix up a house in Greenville for Parker & I to live in after we got married.  Probably a 2-3 bedroom with at least 2 bathrooms.  Probably somewhat of a fixer-upper (cause you know I'm a "do-it-yourself-er").  Nothing too big.  Nothing too fancy.  I would also use that money to buy furniture... cause as of right now, we don't have a lot.

I would pay for graduate school/rent/etc. for next year.

I would pay for our wedding.  And honeymoon.

I would give money to my parents because they deserve it.  I'd also set aside enough for Weston's college education.

I would give to our church.

I would give to organizations/causes close to my heart like:
- dEBra and Jonah
- Beaty & Carrie Bass' ministry
- Local families who are dealing with the cost of cancer treatment

Those are all pretty rational things I think.  When I try to think of what "luxurious" things I would want... I draw a blank.  I'm not very luxurious evidently.  Haha

I would maybe buy season tickets to the Carolina games.  You know, if they decide to ever win again. :)  I wouldn't buy a new car.  I like my little '98 Camry just fine... its got a few scratches, but I think they add personality :)  I'd like some white curtains from Target, just like my black ones.  I think white curtains would look fresher and lighter.  I probably would go shopping at Ann Taylor/The Loft.  (But I went the other day with gift cards in hand and they didn't have a lot that I loved).

So that probably brings my spending total to like $3 million - clearly, I am not a big spender.  I would invest the rest of it, using the interest to supplement my teacher salary (ha) and continue giving to others.

Oh, one more thing.  I would never go grocery shopping again.  Or ride the T bus.

What would you do??
laura ann

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