Friday, March 26, 2010

Exciting News!


As you probably gathered from the hint on yesterday's post, Parker and I are excited to share that we've found our first home!  After spending weeks in the negotiation phase, the seller accepted our offer this week!  Parker has taken care of all the financing and detail stuff while I just sit around pondering how to fix it up!  I am so thankful that he knows what he's doing, because I have no idea, which is why I borrowed The Complete Idiots's Guide to Buying and Selling a Home from the local library.  Ha!  I was hoping it would shed some light on all the people involved, who does what, what happens when, etc.  I'm 4 hours into it (it's on CD so I can listen and drive) and I've learned a lot, but I sure am glad Parker is so business savvy!

Hooray for our first home!  I can't wait to show you around!
laura ann

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Georgina said...

It's always so exciting to buy a home! Alex and I bought ours a month ago and I'm heading to Lexington this week for Spring Break to begin painting and fixing things up! I'm so excited for you and Parker and can't wait to see pictures!