Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest book - Sweet deal!

Happy Wednesday!  I am so excited to tell you about a great deal!  First, let me just say that I had budgeted $20 for a guest book. (Yeah, I know... my budget is detailed!)  I like the idea of being able to look back in 20 years to see who attended our wedding... but how often do you really look at your guest book?  I don't really want to pay $20 for a plain guest book that'll go in the attic if you know what I mean...

There are so  many alternatives to a traditional guest book.  Some are more unusual than others.  Take for example The Wish Tree:
Your guests write wedding wishes and hang it on this incredible display.  But when it comes time to go home, what do you do with it?

Then there's the River Rock Collection:
Your guests sign river rocks.  But, again, what do you do with all of those rocks?  I guess you could put them in a vase or something.  I can only imagine my Dad's face when he saw a bunch a rocks for guests to sign.

A more common alternative is the Framed Photo Mat:
While I like this option better, I think its a bit overused and I'm not completely sold on hanging it in my house.  It's noteworthy though.

This is an ambitious option - The Guest Quilt:
I think this is a gorgeous idea.  I've never seen anyone use it before.  However, I'm pretty sure this is way over the $20 budget! HAHA.

Then, there is the Guest Platter:
I LOVE this idea.  I would definitely use it when friends were over - what a great conversation starter!  Candice & Jacob did one at their wedding and it was perfect!  Nevertheless... it's way over the $20 budget.  :)

Then there is the Photobook Guestbook:
Your guests sign a coffee table book with your custom photos.  Its 2 birds with one stone - a display of engagement pictures/proposal pictures AND a guest book.  Sweet right?  But, it is also over the $20 budget...

EXCEPT when you get a coupon code for a free 8x8" 20 page photobook from Shutterfly!! All I had to pay for was shipping!  I went ahead and ordered it since the offer was good for one week only.  Total cost?  $8.63!  Suh-weet!
laura ann

P.S. Poll results as of 11:30 last night:
How many guests did you invite to your wedding?
Less than 50 - 0
50-100 - 1
101-200 - 4
201-400 - 6
More than 500 - 0
(I guess I left out 401-500... oops!)

New poll:  Which guest book did/would you use??

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