Monday, April 5, 2010


Well I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  Mine was eventful to say the least!  I was on my way back to Chapel Hill from my parent's house yesterday evening, burning up Hwy 264 like always.... when an older red pick-up truck merged off of exit 63, totally oblivious to me.

I was in the right lane with a couple of cars in front of me and 3 cars in the left lane right beside me, so needless to say, I had no where to go in order to get out of this guy's way.  I honked my horn, slowed down, eased over as much as possible, but he came right on over.  At this time, I lost control, spun around, and ended up in the median.  The bunghole (as my dad would say) never stopped.

However, some other nice people saw it happen and pulled over immediately to make sure I was okay.  There were like 4-5 cars that pulled over. Three sweet people stayed with me until my parents, Parker, his mom, and the patrolman got there.  We were all shocked that no other cars were hit in the process, because like I said, there were a ton of cars cruising along in that area.  We did not get his license plate number unfortunately.

All I could say was "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God... please don't let me hit the median... Oh God Oh God Oh God... keep me safe keep me safe OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD"  The longest 30 seconds of my life!!  When I finally stopped, my windshield wipers were on (comic relief???), my sunglasses had flown across the car, and my mountain dew was spilled in my lap (not cool).  I was not hurt - in fact, I pushed my car door open, got out, and walked around.  I was pretty rattled, and I started crying when I called my dad and Parker while one of the witnesses called the cops.

Just a minor bruise and scratch, and some serious soreness today.  Oh yeah, and some red ant bites I got after stepping in an ant hill.  (Seriously, I know) I am so sad about my sweet little car :(  Last night, my dad flipped through the car ads and found another '98 Camry and I asked him if I could have it (it was just like mine, with like 2x the miles) and he said "Um, I think we'll get you something a little newer."

The irony of it all - my mom just got cleared to drive (first time since July) last week & my car just had an inspection and tire alignment done ON FRIDAY.  I'm driving her car back to Chapel Hill today, and my granddad brought my grandma's old car over this morning for my mom to drive temporarily.  My sweet little car is at the shop on the tow truck :(

OH, and the tow truck man asked matter-of-factly, "Did you fall asleep or were you on the phone?"  Rude.

Thankfully, I'm okay!
laura ann


Julie said...

So glad you are O.K.! What a frightening experience. God's hand was on you, for sure!

Steven & Kimberly said...

Glad you're okay! I've never been in a wreck but can imagine how scary being in one would be! I only remember my feelings when I heard my now husband had flipped his car 6 times.... I can't imagine how scared you were but God was definitely looking after you!

I hope you're feeling less sore now :-)