Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Registry

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!  This week's topic - Registries!  Where to register? What to register for?  China or no china?  What items belong and what items do not.  Things are going to be a bit different this week as I hope to generate more discussion/advice... because I have NO clue where to start. :)
So I guess I'll start with a list (because I'm all about lists, remember?)

- Where do you think we should register?  Our options are: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Belk, A Proper Setting... and thats about it.

- How many places should we register? (I know of people who registered at 1-2 places and people who registered at like 5... I think more than 2 is TOO much)

- What is something we MUST register for?  Something you use all the time, couldn't live without, so glad you have kind of thing.  (Mr. Coffee TeaMaker is my 2 cents, but luckily we already have one!)

- What is the craziest thing you've ever seen on a wedding registry?  (We had some friends who registered for a 32" flat screen... needless to say, it was still on the list when we bought their gift.  Haha!)

- And lastly, china or no china?  While I see us entertaining a lot, I don't know that it'll be formal entertaining...  BUT china is nice to have, right?  Another con is the size of our kitchen (tiny) is not conducive to holding unused items such as china.  Maybe we should do informal china??  What do you suggest?

Ok!  Thanks in advance! :) 

(You like how I just did a whole post asking for advice without really saying anything??? haha Maybe this post should be called "I need help on Wedding Wednesday!!!!")

And before I forget.... Drum roll please for last week's poll results on "What color bouquets?":
1st place - Blue (8 votes)
2nd place - Pink (6 votes)
3rd place - Purple (3 votes)
4th place - Peach (2 votes)

Can I just say this poll made my decision much harder!?!? Haha!  I might just have to rethink my plans for bouquets...  We might be revisiting this topic later.

This week's poll: China or no china?  Or informal china??  That is the question...
laura ann


Georgina said...


We registered at 4 places, but with good reason. Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a must because their service is absolutely amazing, but there is no BB&B in Alex's hometown. So to make up for that we registered at Belk and WalMart. WalMart was great especially since we have a house, we were able to register for things like water hoses and what not! Finally, I registered with Pampered Chef. Alex's sister is a consultant so I registered online and then I am having a party as well. It works out great because I'm having the PS Shower/Party in Raleigh this weekend for all my friends at school. This way they don't have to go shop for anything they can order it right there at the party! Wow, I know that was a lot for just saying where we registered!

We didn't register for china since I'm inheriting 2 sets already from family. We just registered for nice everyday table settins. Yellow and Red settings to match our yellow and red kitchen :D

Registering was by far the funnest part of the wedding planning process for me. We took a Sunday and spent all day registering! It was GREAT!

PS We registered for a flat screen TV as well! You never know what someone will buy you!

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I LOVE the wet vac we got as a wedding present. Not glamorous, but when we have needed it, it has saved the day more than once. It is the new gift I give anyone who moves into their first house or gets married. It is a must have! We were very practical and registered at Sears for tools and lots of other home stuff since we already had all the towels and kitchen gadgets we needed. We also registered at another place that is now closed. Another great gift our best friends got us was a super gas grill. Our closest friends pulled their money and got us a really nice one, in fact it has become a tradition with all our friends now. We have been married 4 years, and it is funny that those are the gifts that I am thankful for on a regular basis. Just one simple girl's ideas.