Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mission Yard Sale: Failed.

This morning, Parker, my mom, and I got up before sunrise and implemented Mission Yard Sale.  It was such a failure.  First, we left the newspaper at home, so we had to rely on memory and luck (bad idea).  Not only that, but we left Josie Garmin (my GPS) at home too. (I had taken it out of my car when it got towed after my wreck).  The best yard sale was only one street away from my parents' house, but we didn't buy anything.  They had a nice mirror and lamp, but alas, I didn't buy either.  We were hoping to find a TV stand... no such luck.  We went home empty handed.

Moral of the story: Yard sales are NOT for me.  Too early on a Saturday morning.  I'll just stick with Craigslist thank you very much.

Apologies for no visual evidence in the form of pictures.  You can thank me later. :-)
laura ann

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Georgina said...

Oh and my Shutterfly Guest Photobook will be at my house today when I get home!!!